Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LetZ Ztart ThiZ Off Rite

This site is dedicated to the things I hate. I say things with an S because there are a lot of them and in a sense of irony, all the website names I tried were already taken. Hence the "Z" in things. So what better way to start out by saying, I hate when people replace "S" with "Z", what are you trying to achieve?! It's as bad as changing other letters to numbers and punctuation as seen below.
Pleaze stop this trend before you accidentally forget how to spell all together.


  1. This picture is 1337 (leet) it's making fun of nerds not people who fail to spell correctly. lol. But I'm with you on the "z" replacing the "s" thing, that's just as annoying as the using an unnecessary amount of "x's" for things, like "EXXXTREME."

  2. You're right, that was a poor example and now I can clearly say I hate my first ever post on this blog. I need to find a better image of the dumb texting that kids do.


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