Saturday, January 29, 2011

#8 Nascar

It's at the butt of a joke more often than not! But watching cars that have the same specifications go around an oval all day sounds as fun as helping the old neighbor lady move her furniture.

 I hate Nascar and what it stands for. I mean it's easy to make fun of the fans because it's easy to make fun of rednecks in general. I see there is some potential in the "sport" but either change the track or change the cars!
The Rolex 24 at Daytona is probably the closest thing to real racing that the track and maybe the fans will see! The cars are different and that's what makes it cool.

I hate people that say they go for the big crashes, because its not guaranteed that they will crash! The only crashing you can count on are the fans, like above, where they are just as much as a spectacle as the V8's rounding the track.

Formula 1 is great! Cars are similar but different enough and of course they go around a track that has turns! I also hate that NASCAR is so American and not in any way international. Formula 1 and the Rolex 24 and Le Mans are international events in which people in other countries actually care about. Why does it seem NASCAR is so ass backwards and can't compete with the world of motorsport?

So I'm still deciding whether I hate NASCAR or the fans at the moment, but you get my drift on this one.

 ps I hate the Euro trash sound of that video I posted, but then again I love the sound of F1 cars.

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