Thursday, January 27, 2011

#5 Idiot drivers who come into the fast lane for no reason

This isn't my video, but it partially explains why I hate drivers who don't know how to drive. Particularly I hate when I am driving in the fast lane and there is only one car in the slow lane on a two way highway. And out of NOWHERE he/she decides to cut in front of me when there is no traffic in front of them in the slow lane. What is that? Am I being punked when this happens? Is Ashton Kutcher in that car??? I hate it when people are not aware of their surroundings while driving. You're "in control" of a ton of metal and gas going at 65 mph and that's how you drive?

Read this sign! It's there for a reason! Stay to the right and be aware of your surroundings? When are they going to make cars with idiot sensors? I know they have blind spot assists on Volvo and Infiniti, but seriously they need to up it to Changing Lanes Assist.

UPDATE: I took this video the other day to show what I mean about slow people in the fast lane!

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