Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#4 Door to door religious people

I really don't think I'm alone in hating those people who come to your door and sell you religion as if it was a magazine subscription or an Oreck vacuum cleaner.

Go away! It's not like I'm sitting at home wondering which religion I should pick and then all of a sudden you come a knocking and I feel rejoiced! It's 2011, everyone has the freaking internet now, do you not think I can go online and choose my religion that way? Seriously are you using the telegraph as your other means of communication to the masses?

I hate that you wear semi-professional attire. Short sleeved button up shirts with or without a pocket protector and a tie and backpack. What is this ensemble? What the hell is in your pocket? Why do you have your religious book with you? Are you expecting to bust out a passage from that book/bible and expect people to relate and drink the Kool Aid with you?

In addition I hate those dumb comics you hand out as if to get my hopes up about some good reading on the toilet only to see there is a blatant message hiding behind a catchy title and graphic. If I want scare tatics such as "Are we nearing Armageddon?" I will turn on the news to see 1000's of birds falling out of the sky. You're tying to go head to head with the big media corporations on fear, good luck!

So please, stop coming to our door, because there is no way we are going to join your club. In the meantime I'll buy some other fiction books from Barnes & Nobel or something!

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  1. Hahaha Wes I love your blog, keep it up! Especially all your "categories."


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