Sunday, January 30, 2011

#10 SMUG Prius owners

I should clarify on this one. I don't hate the car so much as the people who think they are better than everyone because they drive a Prius. I hate that you think a hybrid is the answer to world problems because you saw it on the news or read it in a magazine article. I think South Park's episode on Smug Alert sums it up pretty well

Yes you drive a hybrid but it still takes gas and you're still going to Costco and other big box stores that require a hell of a lot of energy to run and an enormous amount of fuel to truck in all the goods. So what are you really doing with a Prius? I hate that people buy the car as a statement because it's a hybrid only body style.

This is in comparison to other hybrids which use existing body styles. The Nissan Altima, the Honda Civic, even the Ford Escape and Chevy Tahoe have hybrid models that you wouldn't immediately know by looking at them. Also the amount of smug vanity plates that these people get for their halfhearted attempt of saving the environment is equally ridiculous. Ok we GET IT your car is better for the environment! Do you need 7 characters to express that in the form of your vanity plate?

Why not just put stickers all over you car to say what you feel rather than let it be subtly known that because you drive a Prius you are holier than thou!

Oh wait, someone already has:

Let it be known that when there is a fully electric car out that is affordable for the masses, you can bet your ass that those smug Prius owners will be in electric cars talking crap about anything with a gas engine.

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  1. haha wow, i drive a prius but not for making a statements sake. I just like the car because of the mileage, saves me money...


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