Saturday, January 29, 2011

#7 Redbox DVD lines

I understand you want your $1 to go to a good movie, but why the hell do you need to stand at the machine and read EVERY SINGLE review/synopsis?

I hate people that stand there and read every movie title and associated synopsis. These movies have been out before, these aren't new movies. The reason you are here is because you didn't see the movie in theaters OR!! you did and you wanted to see it again. Both of these reasons don't justify you taking 10 to 15 minutes browsing while I am waiting to return my movie. That's another thing I hate; there is one hole to receive and return your movies. They should make another slot to bypass the dumb ass who hasn't heard of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and is reading the reviews.

You guys realize that redbox is online and you can read all those reviews before coming to the machine, right? You do know you can reserve a movie online and simply go and pick it up from your box right? So please know your movies before wasting our time!

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