Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#2 Stores that start selling holiday stuff as one holiday ends.

It's the day after Christmas and I see this:

What the hell is this? I hate it when stores decide to shove the next big holiday down our consumer throats before we have time to breath. Thanks for giving me the option to spend what's left of my Christmas money on yet another holiday. Anyone notice that if you don't buy a gift for someone on these holidays, your ostracized and accused of not being in the "holiday spirit"? Since when does how much I spend equal how much I like or love you? I also hate how candy and other fattening things are a staple of Valentines day, do the marketing people not know how women feel about their weight? A giant box of candy for a woman is the equivalent of getting her a LED HDTV, in the end I'm the one enjoying it!

Listen, if I want to buy something early I will do it online. Start selling this stuff on February 13th for all those guys that forgot to get their woman something. I'm going to think geek to get something unique for my lady.

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