Thursday, February 17, 2011

#14 Nudity censorship in the US vs. Europe

How is it that in the USA you can watch a murder on a TV show with the full fledged gory parts or a person shooting, stabbing, hanging, or otherwise killing another person? BUT! Show a nipple and the whole protocol for delaying live TV is changed and/or the TV show is yanked off the air if it made it past the barrage of censorship prior to airing.
Here look at this dead body rotting, but make sure her nipples are covered!

I don't understand how come nudity is such a taboo, yet watching someone die or witnessing the most violent scenes of rape (minus nudity) and fighting are allowed. Look at British TV, they show nudity all the time! Here is a rundown of the top 5 shows that Telegraph reviewed in 2008:

1 How to Look Good Naked (Ch4)
The great pioneer of TV nudity for all is the spectacularly camp Gok Wan who advises women on make-up, self esteem, and how to make the most of their bangers ("Whether you're packing a couple of zeppelins under your vest top or packing it full of chicken fillets."). A good time was had by all.

2 Miss Naked Beauty (Ch4)
Gok Wan strikes again -- this time getting 7000 women to enter a natural beauty contest without make-up. In the voting a six foot two inch goth with tattoos lost out to a pretty student with freckles. So what's new?

3. Dawn Gets Naked (BBC3)
The laudable aim of the presenter Dawn Porter was to defy the tyranny of airbrushed beauty and celebrate the reality of the female body. After an investigative tour of plastic surgeons, striptease classes and nudist colonies, she enlisted dozens of women to join her in travelling naked around London on an open-top double-decker bus

4. The Great British Body (ITV)
Presented by Trinny Woodhall and Susannah Constantine, this programme had a bewildering range of objectives. They were to celebrate the British and their bodies, get everyone to appear naked in a human sculpture, discover everything about the British body today, organise a great British body road show and hold "the biggest ever British body audit."

5. Naked News (you can catch it on YouTube)
Out on the wilder extremes of the digital platform buried among the plethora of adult channels is Naked News which combines striptease and news reading. The trouble is that the nudity stops you listening to the news and the reports on tsunamis or terrorist bombs stops most of the erotic buzz.

In addition there is an art show in British TV that shows nude models, so in a non-sexual way there is nudity. I'd like to see PBS air a show about figure drawing!

Nudity in a non-sexual way

I know there is a thing called cable where nudity is prevelant, but not everybody has cable. Everyone in England can get the channels listed above. It goes beyond tv, look at The Sun newspaper (  and check out page 3... there is a topless woman in there everyday! Also note that she's isnt photoshoped like the women in the US are! You get to see veins and other parts of the body that every woman really has!

I hate that it seems appropriate in the US to have uber violence but not show the naked human body. Maybe this is why there are so many teen pregnancies over here because the body is so hidden, kids can't wait to discover what all the hype is about! I know i know, the US has tons of violence too and they show that all the time on TV, but I just think the US can learn something from Europe and show a little more skin!

I just find it interesting that nudity, especially a woman's breasts, is so taboo when they are a source for food and are not genitalia at all! Both sexes have breasts/nipples but it's women that have to cover up.

Anyway this has been a long rant with not nearly enough naked people presented in this post. I'm afraid if I post nudity then my blogger account will be suspended or something dumb like that!


  1. I agree with this. Americans don't seem to have a problem with excessive violence on TV, but the whole country goes into shock if a nipple is shown.

    1. The fear of increased democratic rule. The rich and affluent in USA fear for their lives that the mob rule will result in increased taxes or or even plain old robin hood one of these days. How does this relate to tits and boobs? The impact is twofold. One. Showing that crime is a rampant reality is a public opinion shaping tool for hiring more police officer in every township and village. Incarceration common folk protects the rich. Two. preventing people from acknowledging the common thing that they share. Banning sexuality becomes a powerful isolation of the millions of adults that would otherwise be the vox populi of America. So now you know why USA TV broadcasters do not show nudity at all. For conservatives interests the showing Crimes over Beauty has a wealth preserving aspect. So now you know. Accept / Reject / Ignore?

  2. tv limitations over here in the US never seemed to bother me much but i guess because capitalism we have to pay extra for the nudity. and believe me theres plenty of it to be found!

  3. I have seen PBS shows with minor nudity. But they're usually on between midnight and 3am...

  4. the US has a bigger fundamental christian population, the kind that teach the human body is meant to be ashamed of and hidden. They have groups they get hairs up their asses over a lot of things. they make a lot of noise and eventually networks back down. at least thats why i think theres a difference.

    1. Lots of noise and smoke is good for the rich and wealthy and the affluent. The ninja disappears in guise of the smoke. When the wardrobe malfunction steals all the focus in TV then nobody will discuss about income inequality of severest kind nor discuss mass incarceration of Americans. Makes sense now?

  5. Yeah, as an American this is something that has always bothered me. Even on cable they'll only show nudity on premium channels (movies channels like HBO and such)... Blah. Strange, strange shit.

  6. Everything in the USA is set by and for the lobbies. This is why your country is so fucked.
    Of course, it's just my opinion.

  7. I'm not a fundamentalist Christian American and I am bothered by public nudity and nudity as art. I do think bodies can be beautiful, but I hold the intimacy of them in high-esteem that I feel sharing it as a public display cheapens it and I think it's inappropriate. There are other ways of getting messages across without nudity. But, I'm entitled to my opinion, and everyone is entitled to theirs. What I get sick of is being treated as if we are all supposed to have the same point of view or we're "wrong". Just because I feel that way, I don't expect someone to agree--I just expect mutual respect for my feelings about it and point of view, as I do the same.

  8. You are all blags.

  9. It is so refreshing to know that someone else has the same views! I miss Europe. Everything seems much more simplistic, relaxed, and down-to-earth there. Why must the U.S. be so uptight and often judgmental?

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