Saturday, February 5, 2011

#13 People who took one course in college and now are an expert

It goes a little something like this:

Stacy - "I'm thinking about going vegetarian, because I've heard its better for your health not to eat so much red meat"

Gina - "OMG Stacy I really don't think you should do that because you probably won't get the same amount of vitamins and minerals"

Stacy - "Oh really? I thought vegetarians were healthier because our bodies can't really digest large amounts of meat?"

Gina - "No that's what "they" want you to think, listen I took a Nutrition class and learned all there is to know about healthy eating"

Stacy - "But aren't you a communications major?"

Gina - "Yeah, but I took it as an elective to expand my knowledge of the subject"

Stacy - "Oh really? Just the one class?"

Gina - "Yeah, Nutrition 10, it was an introductory class so it was very general and I learned about EVERYTHING, plus the professor was really smart and told us how not to trust the government and hippies alike. He eats meat and told us all how to eat right, so I trust him"

Stacy - "Wow I trust you because you are well informed and obviously know what you're talking about!"

Gina - "Stacy stick with me because I know what's best. Now a bigger question is what douche do you use because I've been told it's coming back in style and I want to make sure I'm well read on the subject too"

Orrrrrrr something like that. I hate it when people take one class in college and all of a sudden are some expert on the subject. You took a freaking introductory class and think you know everything because you know a tiny bit more than I know. Google is my friend and I will do the research that perhaps your class didn't cover.

Daily Show's John Hodgman - Resident Expert
It's not the fact that you're informing me. Heck I've informed people on beer and brewing because I took a class on it. It's the fact that you're coming across as if you're an expert on the matter. As if you teach the subject or something, or that you spent at least four years in college studying it. Don't press your views on me and make me feel bad about making a choice or saying something because you took one class on it.

Your the kind of person I would like to have on my team during trivia night, because I know for a fact that you retain the most obscure knowledge of a wide range of subjects. Partly due to the fact that you didn't have a clue what you wanted to do when you got to college, partly due because you went to college because you were told to and HAD to, not because you wanted to, partly due because you have no drive in life and no one listens to you. So with that being said, stop trying to push what you think is right on me, instead just inform me and leave it up to me to make a decision.


  1. My bro is on his second year of college and he still has no idea what he wants to do. Though now he's at least leaning towards criminal justice as his major. -Supported by,Master Manaical

  2. I act like I know everything but don't reveal how I got it all from one source I saw once.

  3. I agree with the post, though Stacy isn't completely right either. Just throwing that out there. :P

  4. i wanted to become a wizard but there were no college courses for that


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